Unified environment for preprocessor, solver and post-processor

XFlow provides a unique and novel interface and working environment for the user. The pre-processor, solver and post-processor are fully integrated in the same UI environment. The UI layout is fully configurable with moveable workspace windows and options to use pre-set display settings.

Pre processing

Being particle-based, the algorithms behind XFlow lower the requirements imposed on the CAD models, e.g. for external aerodynamics the software is not concerned with moving or crossing surfaces as soon as these define a coherent fluid volume. Thus the complexity of the geometry is not a limiting factor in XFlow.

Post processing

The graphical post-processing capability of XFlow allows interactive visualization of the solution and allows numerical analysis even while the computation is still running. XFlow provides tools for additional processing through export to third-party applications such as ParaView and EnSight Gold

Near-linear scalable performance


XFlow also perfectly integrates into your HPC environment, which opens a wide range of possibilities for the most demanding computations. XFlow distributed solver scales efficiently even for a large number of nodes.


XFlow is fast, efficient and accessible even on a standard desktop PC. XFlow is fully parallelized for multi-core technology with near-linear scalability.

Process Time: Workflow exampleUnified environment for preprocessor, solver and post-processor

XFlow drastically cuts the time spent on the preparation of the case, and the initial domain discretization. XFlow optimizes the balance of your engineering and computer time costs.

Connectivity Unified environment for preprocessor, solver and post-processor

XFlow provides a wide range of connectivity solutions, and we are always adding new connections.

Connectivity Examples

FMI Standard

The FMI standard allows to connect XFlow with many engineering tools such as MSC.Adams, OpenModelica and GT-SUITE in order to perform co-simulations that were not possible until now.


This virtual rain testing includes moving wipers according to real kinematics, thanks to the connection between MSC.ADAMS and XFlow. This analysis is important for the water management of vehicle air conditioning systems to make sure that water and debris, which enter the water cowl, can be cleared from the compartment.

“Thanks to the connection of MSC.ADAMS and XFlow, virtual rain tests including real wiper function is no science fiction anymore. This kind of analysis represents a huge step forward in the field of vehicle water management development, especially to ensure accurate air water separation. With that approach, the number of expensive prototypes and testing procedures can be reduced dramatically.”

Christian Kussmann, Vice President / Head of R&D of qpunkt GmbH

EDEM via CGNS Format

A CFD-DEM simulation showcasing the one way coupling between EDEM and XFlow, post-processed with Ensight. XFlow simulated the velocity field (not shown) that transports particles of different sizes and densities simulated with EDEM.

This work is the result of the joint collaboration of DEM Solution, ANALISIS-DSC /Ensight and XFlow CFD.