New features are available in XFlow 2017

Immersed Boundary Method

Implementation of a new Immersed Boundary (IB) Method for moving walls that allows to:

  • Reduce computation time for complex systems with several moving parts.
  • Improve MPI scalability for simulations with several moving parts.
  • Reduce numerical noise due to lattice cells activations/deactivation of moving parts

MPI Supersonic Engine

MPI Supersonic engine to run distributed simulations:
  • Possibility to use HPC for big supersonic simulations with fine resolution
  • Possibility to validate XFlow on reference supersonic benchmarks.
Thermal improvements in the supersonic solver:
  • Thermal boundary conditions applied correctly.
  • Temperature field solved correctly.
  • More stable temperature field in the wall models.

Multiphase Thermal Solvers

Possibility to run thermal analysis with:

  • Particle-based tracking multiphase solver
  • Phase field multiphase solver

Applications: Gearbox oil lubrication

  • Oil heated by the rotating gear
  • Air heated by the oil splashing
  • Heat transfer between the rotating gear from one , and oil and air from the other side.

Conjugate Heat Transfer with Moving Parts

The Conjugate Heat Transfer (CHT) boundary condition can be applied even on moving parts.


  • Gearbox oil lubrication to check the solid conduction inside the rotating gear
  • Cooling analysis of vehicles rotating brake discs.

New Project Tree and Workflow

Reimplementation of the Project Tree of XFlow:

  • More stable interface
  • More user-friendly and interactive GUI
  • Support of big numbers of parts
  • New laws editor with graphical representation
  • Ground of future perspectives for GUI

New Render Engine

Reimplementation of a new render engine for graphical post-processing:

  • Faster graphical post-processing: Cutting planes, Volumetric fields, Markers
  • More interactive Graphic View
  • More robust graphical display
  • Better materials visualizations with new control parameters

Multi-Language GUI

Different languages will be supported by XFlow 2017 GUI:

  • English (default)
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • French
  • Spanish